Monte-Carlo full movie HD

Monte-Carlo full movie HD
Romantic comedy that tells about three girlfriends to come to Europe. Home Travel was unsuccessful, Paris did not make the proper impression. Waiting tales and a huge number of romantic encounters were not justified. The girls are going to go home and not getting the desired trip. Deciding how to diversify even soy trip, the girls go to a beautiful five-star hotel. And then there are the most dizzying adventure. The hotel staff takes one of the girls for their constant visitor. Exalted and spoiled heiress huge fortune comes from England.
The tale is true story as if by magic homely modest girl turns into a princess. It offers women the best fashion designers, makeup artists and designers. Everyone wants to fulfill every whim. Adventure captures into its vortex the trio traveling friends. It seemed tatty and gray city blooms with colored lights, invitingly open door the finest and most expensive restaurants. I get a lot of fans, there is no release from the Cavaliers. Reporters, photographers do not waste is not a step, private aircraft services girls every whim fulfilled instantly.
Directed by Thomas Bezucha able to create a beautiful romantic story of adventure and romance. The screenplay was written in collaboration with Thomas April Brel and Maria Magenta. These ladies have helped to create a great web is interpreted in a new light the old fairy tale of Cinderella and her adventures on the royal ball. Great cast in the face of Selena Gomez, Katie Cassidy, Leighton Meester, Cory Manteyta made the film entertaining and interesting. Artists of his game helped make an exciting and at the same time gentle and timid movie. Composer Michael Giacchino his music helped to emphasize the most interesting moments of the film, having painted romantic scene in gentle tones.
Not a new story began to play with bright colors modern, filled with interesting and exciting twists. Sometimes completely unexpected and unpredictable. I get a great picture for family viewing. Slight budget, by the standards of modern cinema in twenty million, quickly paid off. Profit from rental in the us and Europe have already passed for thirty-five million. This can serve as the best proof of the excellent work done and the excellent quality offered for watching movies. It’s safe to say that the audience who had offered funds for the visit to the cinema or watching this picture at the TV screen, well rested, having a huge supply of positive emotions.

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